Freeze Resistant Bury Valve

Model 6518FR is a fully engineered pneumatic operated freeze-resistant valve system installed below frost line.

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Freeze Resistant Bury Valve

The Haws 6518FR freeze-resistant valve system is a fully engineered pneumatic operated valve for use on all Haws single bubbler freeze-resistant pedestal fountains. The placement of the valve below the frost line allows the system to function when freezing conditions are present at surface level. Its fully accessible design allows for reliable service year round. (For high water tables, see Haws model 6519FR)

  • Installed below the frost line, the valve remains fully functional under the worst of weather conditions, with the fountain remaining functional as well
  • If a maintenance issue ever arises, rest assured that the valve assembly is easily removed and replaced without disrupting the remainder of the fountain
  • Flow is easily adjustable with supplied regulator valve
  • Unit is applicable for single pedestal mounted fountain designs
Haws manufactures drinking fountains and electric water coolers to be lead-free by all known definitions including NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Section 9, and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

  • CSA Certified