Instantaneous electric water heater 9327CE – indoor/outdoor – stainless steel cabinet – CE compliant

The Haws® 9327CE stainless steel Instantaneous Electric Water Heater is designed to provide immediate tepid water for safety showers and eyewashes. In accordance with EN 15154 guidelines, tepid water, ideally between 20°C and 25°C, ensures that victims can use the emergency equipment for the recommended 15 minutes without the risk of hypothermia or scalding.

Capable of delivering between 9.5 and 151 liters per minute of tepid water, the 9327CE can feed either a combination safety shower or multiple eyewash stations. When activated, the instantaneous heater quickly heats the water to the set tepid temperature in a matter of seconds. The predictive control algorithm ensures precise temperature control (+/- 1°C at steady state flow) of the tepid water.

The 9327CE stainless steel Instantaneous Electric Water Heater simplifies installation by integrating directly into the cold water supply pipe for the safety equipment, eliminating the need for a thermostatic mixing valve. It is a safe and smart solution, providing endless tepid water for emergency equipment across all industries, including offshore applications.

Technical information Instantaneous Electric Water Heater 9327CE

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