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AXION Advantage®

The AXION Advantage® system offers safety professionals a medically superior upgrade for existing emergency eyewash and drench shower equipment.

Replace your eyewash head with AXION Advantage®.

AXION Advantage® upgrades your existing emergency eyewash and shower systems to AXION® MSR technology. AXION® MSR is the first and only eyewash featuring an inverted water-flow-pattern consistent with healthcare protocols.

AXION® MSR provides the industry’s only medically recommended way to remove eye contaminants. By inverting the eye wash flow, AXION® pushes contaminants away from the eye’s interior. This reduces further irritation risk in the nasal cavity and provides optimal victim comfort.

Why upgrade to AXION® MSR eyewash and shower technology?

Medically superior AXION® MSR design and technology improves existing emergency eyewash and shower equipment with the optimal victim comfort solution while maintaining ANSI compliance.*

AXION's® revolutionary inverted water flow design sweeps contaminants away from the interior of the eye and vulnerable nasal cavity. This makes AXION® the only eyewash system replicating standard medical protocols and the natural function of the human eye.

*When properly installed

AXION® MSR offers your facility a complete safety solution.

Injury Reduction
Inverted eye wash streams clear eye contaminants by gently sweeping contaminants away from the eye interior and nasal cavity, reducing further injury to victims.

Increased Victim Comfort
AXION's® laminar eye / face wash streams provide even, consistent stream height and circumference for greater user comfort. This encourages victims to use the eyewash for the full 15-minute ANSI Z358.1 requirement.

ANSI Z358.1 Compliance
With AXION® MSR products installed correctly and tested for ANSI compliance, you can take comfort knowing your facility will have a Medically Superior Response at the critical moment you need it most.

Upgrading your eyewash or emergency shower is easier than ever.

This innovative upgrade system is designed to fit commonly installed eyewashes and emergency showers from Bradley®, Encon®, Speakman®, Guardian®, and Acorn®.

Upgrading to AXION® is easy. Simply remove the existing eyewash head, select one of the supplied connectors, and attach the AXION Advantage® eyewash head.

AXION Advantage® models

AXION Advantage® offers four different models designed to convert nearly 80% of all existing competitive eyewashes and showers. With this system, you will have the tools to replace ineffective and outdated eyewash and shower products, and test for continued ANSI compliance. Plus, the system includes fittings to update older Haws eyewash products.

Each system includes: an AXION® MSR eye/face wash, connecting hardware accessories, ANSI eyewash testin gauge, tape measure, complete install instructions, and ANSI Z358.1 compliance and testing guidelines. Options include choice of ABS plastic or type 304 stainless steel.

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Model AX13 - Plastic

AXION Advantage® eye/face wash upgrade system with green ABS plastic eye/face wash head.

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Model AX13S - Stainless Steel

AXION Advantage® eye/face wash upgrade system with type 304 stainless steel eye/face wash head.

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Model AX14 - Plastic with Showerhead

AXION Advantage® eye/face wash upgrade system with green ABS plastic eye/face wash head and showerhead.

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Model AX14S - Stainless with Showerhead

AXION Advantage® eye/face wash upgrade system with type 304 stainless steel eye/face wash head and showerhead.

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