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AXION’S ground-breaking technology continues to change the emergency response landscape by offering the only eye/face wash duplicating the methodology recommended and used by medical professionals.

The human eye is equipped with an automatic lubricating which channels excess fluids away from the ocular surface via the lacrimal punctum. The lacrimal punctum drains excess fluids directly into the nasal cavity. If a chemical is introduced into the eye, nature’s own cleansing mechanism can serve to force the contaminant into the nasal cavity, where it can potentially cause further internal injury.

The ideal approach in chemical or particulate eye injuries is to sweep contaminants away from the interior of the eye. This method is practiced in doctor’s office and hospitals yet was not followed in the safety industry. Haws® recognized this need to protect the human eye and other internal organs and reversed the water flow to flush from the inside out for maximum effectiveness, injury reduction and enhanced victim comfort.

AXION products are available on the most popular configurations: combination showers as well as wall-mounted and pedestal eye/face washes. 

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