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Haws Engineered Safety Solutions

Haws provides custom tempered water solutions for ANSI compliance

Haws designs, builds, implements, and manages custom-engineered industrial safety systems that provide tempered water for large-scale decontamination and emergency wash installations in extreme operating environments. Our goal is to address your unique requirements efficiently and effectively, while ensuring continuous ANSI compliance.

Haws is dedicated specifically to the design and manufacture of water tempering systems for safety showers and eyewashes. In addition to offering a full line of pre-engineered enclosed safety shower booths and skids, our staff of engineers and technicians has the capability of designing tempering systems that are custom tailored for your tempered water application.

ANSI Compliance and Global Support

Unlike traditional safety eyewash manufacturers, we don’t just advise you on how to comply with ANSI standards, we get you there. Haws Integrated’s services support every stage of your tempered safety project and our proven agile implementation methodology ensures you achieve ANSI compliance for complete workplace safety.

Haws has offices in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America and has worked with companies in more than 25 countries globally.

Engineered Safety Solutions

Large-scale water tempering systems

Turnkey decontaminiation and drench booth systems

Transportable water tempering skids

Water pumping systems

System integration

Waste heat re-capture

Service capabilities

Haws provides a variety of custom services for your organization's individual needs. Service examples:

What is Tempered Water?

Understanding the ANSI Z358.1 Tepid Water Requirements

The original ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Showers and Eyewashes was first written in 1981 by the ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) with additional modifications in 1990, 1998, 2009, and the current 2014 version. The 2009 revision addressed crucial points relating to temperature range for water delivery.

Temperature Range for Water Delivery

In the 2004 Standard, it was not clearly outlined what tepid water meant and instead just simply stated that tepid was defined as moderately warm; lukewarm. The 2009 revision specified an exact temperature range to guarantee proper flushing.

Tepid Water is defined as 60° F -100° F  (16° C - 38° C)

  • Encourages use of safety equipment
  • Encourages removal of contaminated clothing
  • Encourages full 15-minute drench
  • Cools chemical burns
  • Prevents chemical absorption


Temperatures in the lower end of the tepid water range may cause:
  • cold shock, possibly leading to cardiac arrest
  • user to end flushing before the recommended time has passed


Legionella bacteria growth thrives between 95 and 115° F, a range that overlaps the current ANSI tepid water range.

While the ANSI standard does require a weekly flush to clear all piping sections that lead to emergency shower and eyewash station, avoiding temperatures that harbor bacteria is a valuable step in limiting potential exposure.

Haws Integrated provides many solutions to emergency equipment needs with our dedicated team of engineers and technicians designing safety solutions. The Haws Integrated team provides a complete line of custom engineered mixing valves, tempered water solutions, recirculation systems, air-charged systems and alarms designed around specific requirements and meeting all ANSI Z358.1-2014 prerequisites.

Your Industry

Our Safety Solutions

From the petrochem factory aiming to upgrade its employee safety infrastructure to the mining owner looking to eliminate downtime and optimize mine performance, Haws Integrated helps our customers plan for the best and prepare for the unexpected.

Our complete safety solutions combine the unique synergy between our products and services with more than 100 years of safety engineering knowledge and experience that enables us to aid our customers in meeting or exceeding productivity and business growth targets.

We provide safety solutions for:

Mining & Exploration

High-Tech Manufacturing

Oil, Chemical & Gas

Pharma and Healthcare

Power / Utilities

Water Treatment

General Industrial