Freeze Resistant In-Wall Valve

Model 6521FR, fully engineered pneumatic operated valve system installed on the inside wall where room temperature does not drop below 50® F (10® C). When valve goes to off position, water left in supply line between valve and bubbler drains back into waste inside cabinet. Allows fountain on outside to function year-round.

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Freeze Resistant In-Wall Valve

The Haws 6521FR freeze-resistant valve system is a fully engineered pneumatic operated valve for use on all Haws single bubbler wall mounted freeze-resistant fountains. The placement of the valve on an interior wall where the ambient temperature minimum is 50® F (10® C) allows the system to function when freezing conditions are present at the fountain outside the wall. Its fully accessible design allows for reliable service year round.

  • Installed in an area where the temperature remains at a minimum of 50® F (10® C), this unit will assist the fountain in remaining fully functional in freezing conditions
  • If a maintenance issue ever arises, rest assured that the valve system is easily accessed, making troubleshooting simpler
  • Flow is easlily adjustable with supplied regulator valve
  • Unit is applicable for single bubbler wall mounted freeze-resistant fountain designs
Haws manufactures drinking fountains and electric water coolers to be lead-free by all known definitions including NSF/ANSI Standard 61, and Section 9, .

  • CSA Certified