7777 AXION

AXION® MSR Corrosion Resistant Pedestal Eye/Face Wash

Model 7777 AXION, pedestal-mounted eye/face wash with AXION® MSR eye/face wash head, and all stainless steel components.

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Model 7777 AXION stainless steel pedestal-mounted eye/face wash shall include a stainless steel 28 cm round bowl, an AXION® MSR eye/face wash head with inverted directional laminar flow which achieves zero vertical velocity supplied by an integral flow control, Type 316 stainless steel ball valve equipped with stainless steel ball and stem, and Type 304 stainless steel in-line 50 x 50 mesh water strainer. Unit shall also include Type 304 pipe and fittings, stainless steel floor flange, stainless steel dust cover, universal sign, 1/2" BSP inlet, and 1-1/4" BSP waste.

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