Emergency Body Spray

Model 8901B AXION, wall-mounted body spray with 243.8 cm pressure rated hose, including wall mounting bracket.

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Emergency Body Spray

Often times it is beneficial to have a hose unit like the 8901B AXION to assist in the irrigation process. The drench head can be easily activated with integral squeeze lever, providing a maximum coverage area for the body with its soft flowing streams of water. Unit is conveniently mounted using wall clips keeping the emergency equipment held firmly against the wall.

  • Dust cover allows for the spray head to stay protected from debris when not in use
  • Requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with test card to record weekly testing
  • 243.8 cm swivel hose provides an extended coverage area to further optimize the irrigation process
  • In order to comply with state codes the use of a vacuum breaker is required with all hand held body spray units (Haws offers model SP212)
  • Per ANSI, "Hand held drench hoses provide support for emergency shower and eyewash units, but shall not replace them."

  • CSA Certified

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