Emergency Alarm System

Model 9001.230V.DPDT, 1-1/4" 230 VAC emergency alarm and light system. Buzzer and flashing light are activated by an 1-1/4" double pole, double throw flow switch.

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Emergency Alarm System

Model 9001.230V.DPDT emergency alarm and light system features an amber flashing light and 90 db at 10 feet (304.8 cm), buzzer that is operated by a double pole, double throw flow switch. Unit is activated when the emergency shower or eyewash is in operation. System can be mounted to pipe or wall. Unit is recommended to be installed where a shower or eyewash is installed in a remote or noisy location where user is unable to summon help.

  • Brightly flashing amber light and 90 db buzzer brings immediate attention to an emergency situation
  • Switch will activate at 2.4 gpm (9.1 L)
  • Voltage: 230 VAC, 50 or 60 cycles. Supply: 1-1/4" IPS
  • This alarm contains a multiple set of contacts for remote activation alarm sites
  • Model 9001 is CSA electrical certified, TYPE 4. (Nema 4 equivalent)
  • TYPE 4X is also available. Contact Haws for additional information.

  • CSA Certified