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Haws Integrated designs, builds, and manages custom-engineered industrial safety systems that provide tempered water when and where it is needed.

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Our team of designers, engineers, and compliance experts are dedicated to your success throughout the project lifecycle.

Urs Weder – Managing Director

Urs Jakob Weder, who was born in Switzerland in 1956, studied chemistry at Chur Technical College, before going on to study at the University of St. Gallen, where he was awarded an Executive MBA. In 1996, he became CEO of Dräger Safety Schweiz AG, where he succeeded in achieving the economic turnaround of the company and contributed significantly to the further development and commercial success of the company. He was also, between October 2008 and April 2012, CEO of Dräger Medical Schweiz AG (formerly Carbamed). His specific achievements of note there include the successful strategic alignment of the business and its commercial development. In addition to his direct employment, Mr Weder has, as a skilled networker, chaired various national and international committees.


Ralph Brekelmans
Sales Manager Europe North

Attilio Trapletti
Sales Manager Europe South

Moataz Mekawy
Sales Manager Middle East

Susanne Menzi
Sales Europe East and Middle East and Africa

Monika Aebischer
Sales Europe Central

Stefan Vetsch
Sales Europe North and South

Oliver Mägerli
Head of Production

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