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Plumbing and safety environments are evolving, and Haws is leading the innovative charge.

CRP Coating

Haws uses Sherwin Williams Tile-Clad II Epoxy when an emergency model is CRP (corrosion resistant paint) coated. This is a two part liquid epoxy which is sprayed on the model and air dried.

The valves, bowl, eyewash and shower head assemblies, pull rods and flow controls are constructed of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, stainless steel or chrome-plated brass, and are not CRP coated.

Sherwin Williams
Tile-Clad II Epoxy B62
Series Gloss Hardener B60V70

Recommended Uses:

For use over prepared substrates such as steel, galvanizing, and concrete in industrial environments.

  • Laboratories
  • Masonry surfaces
  • Offshore structures
  • Storage tanks
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Institutional & commercial wall coating
  • Structural & support steel
  • Institutional kitchens
  • Lavatories
  • Power plants
  • Schools
  • Marine applications
  • Nuclear power facilities

Product Description:

TILE-CLAD HIGH SOLIDS is a VOC compliant, two-package, epoxy-polyamide coating for use in industrial maintenance environments and high performance architectural applications.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Dry film resists bacterial attack
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
  • Low VOC

Physical Properties:

Quality Endurance Quality Endurance Resistance Guide
Abrasion Resistance
(ASTM D4060, CS-17 wheel, 1,000 cycles, 1 kg. Taber Abraser)
132 mg Moisture Condensation Resistance
(ASTM D2247, 100°F, 1500 hours)
No Failure (per ASTM D3912)
Alcohols, formaldehyde, glycol ethers, selected chlorinated solvents: MODERATE

Aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, gasoline, derosene, fuel oil: SEVERE

Alkalies: SEVERE

Aromatic hydrocarbon solvents: MODERATE

Animal and vegetable fats and oils, cutting oils, lubricating oils: SEVERE

Fresh and salt water: SEVERE

Weak solutions of mineral and organic acids: MODERATE


Color/Finish: OSHA Green

Gloss: 90 +/- 10 units @ 60°F
Direct Impact Resistance
(ASTM G14)
84 in. lbs. Pencil Hardness
(ASTM D3363)
Dry Heat Resistance
(ASTM D2485; OSHA Red; 150°F)
250°F Salt Fog Resistance
(ASTM D2986, 9,700 cycles)
Elcometer Adhesion
(ASTM D4541)
750 psi Scrub Resistance
(ASTM D2986, 9,700 cycles)
No Gloss Charge
(with nonprogressive chalk face developing in 3 months)
Excellent Thermal Shock
(ASTM B1211, 5 cycles)
(ASTM D1737, 180° Bend, 1/4" mandrel)
Passes Washability and Stain Resistance
For complete removal of lipstick, tea, Coke, butter, ketchup, fruit juice
Maximum 25 cycles