Portable emergency body shower – 9 liters capacity

Portable emergency body shower – 9 liters capacity - construction sites, maintenance work, in service vehicles

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Portable emergency body shower – 9 liters capacity

The Haws® portable emergency body shower Model 8140 is the ideal solution when a plumbed-in safety shower is unavailable, such as on construction sites, during maintenance work, or for use in service vehicles. It includes water additive 9086, CO2 cartridge 9060 and a wall bracket. The Model 8140 is highly transportable and provides immediate first aid in cases of skin contamination with chemicals or burns. It must not be used for rinsing in cases of eye injuries.  

Technical information

  • Capacity: 9 liters
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 740 x 180 x 180 mm
  • Weight (empty): 5 kg
  • Weight (full): 14 kg
  • Application temperature: +15 bis +25 °C.. 8140 is not suitable for freezing conditions.

Features and Benefits Portable emergency body shower 8140

  • Easily portable for use on construction sites or during maintenance operations.
  • Compact design, making it suitable for service vehicles with limited space
  • Sturdy pressure cylinder in a highly visible signal green (compliant with AFNOR NFX08003 standard).
  • Includes a wall bracket for safe storage when not in use
  • 9-liter capacity ensures an extended rinsing time (approximately 48 seconds).
  • Flexible shower hose facilitates thorough rinsing of all body parts in cases of chemical or thermal burns.
  • Intuitive operation and ergonomic design
  • Pressure is generated by an integrated CO2 cartridge
  • Antibacterial additive included to ensure the water remains durable for up to 12 months
  • Maintenance dates can be noted directly on the cylinder
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards
  • CE0069 compliant

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