CE Compliant

Instantaneous electric water heater

Ensuring that emergency showers and eyewash stations are used correctly is a critical aspect of workplace employee safety. Hawsโ€™ new Instantaneous Heaters provide tepid water for emergency showers and eyewash stations to ensure employees can use them safely and effectively for the full 15-minute requirement.


Endless Tepid Water

Victims will stay the required 15-minutes in the water flow, with no risk to become hypothermic.

Energy Saving

The instantaneous water heater only consumes power when actively heating water to reduce unnecessary energy use.

Save Money

Water is heated on-demand to reduce continuous heating thereby reducing maintenance costs over alternative stand-by systems.

Minimize Legionella Risk

No standing tepid water in the system reduces the legionella risk and increases hygiene.

Space Saving

Compared to other solutions, the footprint is minimal with no boilers, pumps, or tepid water loop needed. The instantaneous heater is wall-mounted above or nearby the emergency equipment to free-up floor space.

Save Time

The instantaneous water heater requires only a power cable to easily integrate into existing setups. There are no valves, pumps or other additional features needed.

Reliable Operation

Unit maintains consistent water temperature during use without the need for valves, pumps, or additional features.

Compliant to international standards

The instantaneous water heaters meet the CE standard and are suitable for use with eye wash stations and emergency showers according to EN 15154 and ANSI.Z358.