Instantaneous Water Heater

Model TWBS.EW.H, prepackaged instantaneous electrical water heater, 480 VAC/3 phase/20 kW, fully engineered and tested system with fail-safe features to produce up to 22.7 L tempered water for eye washes.

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Model TWBS.EW.H on-demand, prepackaged, fully engineered and tested tempering system to provide tempered water instantaneously. System is designed to increase cold water temperature by a minimum of 19° C at 15.1 L flow and 38° C at 7.5 L; thus it is suitable for single eyewash application. Outlet water temperature is factory set at 26° C. System consists of a UL listed 20 KW electrical instantaneous water heater, a hot shutoff valve, a bypass valve, an in-line 50 x 50 mesh filter, and an outlet temperature gauge. Requires 3 - 6 ATM flowing pressure. Inlet and Outlet: 1/2" IPS. Electrical Supply: 480 VAC, 3-phase, 3 wire and ground. 24 Amp per Phase. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY.