Instantaneous electric water heater – indoor – compact design

Instantaneous electric water heater – indoor – compact design - powder-coated steel cabinet – CE compliant – tepid water for safety showers and eyewash units

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Instantaneous electric water heater – indoor – compact design

The Haws® 9321CE compact indoor Instantaneous Electric Water Heater is designed to provide immediate tepid water for safety showers and eyewashes. In accordance with EN 15154 guidelines, tepid water, ideally between 20°C and 25°C, ensures that victims can use the emergency equipment for the recommended 15 minutes without the risk of hypothermia or scalding. Capable of delivering between 9.5 and 114 liters per minute of tepid water, the 9321CE can feed either a combination safety shower or multiple eyewash stations. When activated, the instantaneous heater quickly heats the water to the set tepid temperature in a matter of seconds. The predictive control algorithm ensures precise temperature control (+/- 1°C at steady state flow) of the tepid water. The 9321CE compact indoor Instantaneous Water Heater simplifies installation by integrating directly into the cold water supply pipe for the safety equipment, eliminating the need for a thermostatic mixing valve. It is a safe and smart solution, providing endless tepid water for indoor-installed emergency equipment across the industries.

Technical information Instantaneous electric water heater 9321CE

  • Voltage: 400 V
  • Rated power: 50/75/100 or 120 kW
  • Flow rate: max. 114 liters per minute
  • Optimum operation pressure: 4.1 – 6.2 bar
  • Standard temperature setting: 29.4 °C
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 665 x 432 x 261 mm
  • Cold water inlet: 1 1/4” NPT(M)
  • Tepid water outlet: 1 1/4” NPT(M)

Key Features

  • The CE certification affirms the conformity of instantaneous water heater 9321CE with European health, safety and environmental protection standards
  • Parabolic Heat DesignTM enables fast water heating and minimal pressure drop
  • Predictive control algorithm and diverse safety features for precise temperature control
  • Field programmable and updatable firmware provide flexibility for future adaptations
  • Thermo-optical sensor for monitoring infrared elements ensures high operational reliability
  • Thermo-optical sensor for protection against entrained air or improper commissioning
  • Powder-coated cabinet made of cold rolled steel allows for indoor installation
  • Ideal choice for space-conscious indoor installations due to compact design and wall-mounting feature


  • Increased employee safety: Allows employees to remain in the tepid water flush for the required 15 minutes without the risk of hypothermia or scalding
  • Reduced energy consumption: The instantaneous water heater not only reduces energy consumption but also promotes sustainability. By consuming power only when actively heating water, it minimizes unnecessary energy usage, contributing to a greener and more eco-friendly approach
  • Low energy and maintenance costs: The low energy and maintenance costs of this system contribute to a sustainable approach by eliminating the need for continuously heated water in stand-by systems. By efficiently using energy only when necessary, the system reduces overall energy consumption, resulting in lower carbon emissions and environmental impact
  • Reduced legionella risk and improved hygiene: By eliminating standing tepid water in the system, the risk of Legionella growth is reduced, promoting a healthier environment with improved overall hygiene
  • Space-efficient design: Compared to alternative solutions, the instantaneous heater has a small footprint as it eliminates the need for boilers, pumps, and tepid water loops
  • Flexible installation: Can be mounted on a wall above or near the emergency equipment to free up floor space
  • Easy integration: Only requires a power cable, making it simple to integrate into existing solutions
  • Reliable and safe operation: Maintains the defined water temperature (+/- 1°C at steady state flow) without the need for additional tanks, valves, pumps, or other features
  • Compliance with standards: The instantaneous water heater complies with the CE standard and is suitable for use with eye wash stations and emergency showers according to EN 15154 or ANSI.Z358
  • Retrofitting and new system suitability: The 9321CE compact indoor Instantaneous electric water heater can be used for both retrofitting existing installations and implementing new systems

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