8320 AXION

Freestanding Safety Shower – ABS shower head – ABS bowl

Freestanding safety combination shower 8320 AXION – ABS plastic shower head – ABS plastic bowl – AXION face+eye wash head and shower nozzle – 1 1/4” piping

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Freestanding Safety Shower – ABS shower head – ABS bowl

The Haws® combination safety shower 8320 AXION consists of an safety body shower with ABS plastic head and an eyewash station with ABS plastic bowl. It is the optimal solution for many industrial applications and complies to the standards EN 15154-1, EN 15154-2 and ANSI Z358.1. The ABS plastic bowl and showerhead make this freestanding combination shower corrosion resistant and very rugged. The combination safety shower 8320 AXION comprises an AXION® overhead drench shower and an AXION face+eyewash. The eyewash is activated by a push plate and delivers reliable a compliant water jet for rinsing simultaneously eyes and face. The AXION nozzle of the drench shower is activated by a pull-down handle and delivers a soft and homogenous flow across the entire footprint. The unique AXION system eliminates the main issues of other safety showers and eyewash systems to provide proper first aid.  

Technical information Safety Shower 8320 AXION

  • Water flow body shower: 76 liters/minute
  • Water flow face+eye wash: 14 liters/minute
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 24296 x 365 x 860 mm
  • Water inlet: G 1 1/4”
  • Water outlet: G 1 1/4"


  • Pre-built and water/pressure tested
  • Increased safety due to AXION face+eyewash head, AXION shower nozzle and integral flow control
  • Durable resistant 28 cm green ABS plastic bowl
  • Durable 28 cm green ABS plastic shower head
  • Reliable chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valves with stainless steel ball and stem
  • Chrome-plated brass in-line mesh strainer to prevent debris from reaching the eyewash
  • 1 1/4” hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and fittings
  • Powder-coated cast-iron 23 cm diameter floor flange
  • Including universal safety sign
  • Wide range of options for adapting to on-site requirements

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